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You Better Be Ready To Go To Work!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 613.60 MB     Format: MP4
Janie comes walking in and almost steps on her tiny son Donny. She shouts out telling him he better be ready to go to work before his aunt Rebel gets here! Janie has no idea he is shrunk down to a tiny man now. Rebel comes in looking her Donny but nothing almost stepping on him to. Janie try's calling him but no answer! Suddenly they think they see a bug running around on the floor, as they pick him up not knowing its actually him! They think its just a pest! He is screaming for help but where he is tiny they cant make out why the "pest" is making strange noises! They end up taking off there shoes and rubbing there bare soles all over this bug. Until suddenly they pick it up again and finally realize its Donny!! What will mom Janie do for punishment! Wonder if aunt Rebel will do anything for punishment for him being so small!!
$ 14.50