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Cali 27 Apr 2024 and 27 Apr 2024

Candice 19 Apr 2024 and 19 Apr 2024

Makayla 18 Apr 2024 and 18 Apr 2024

Darla 18 Apr 2024 and 18 Apr 2024

Kassi 17 Apr 2024 and 17 Apr 2024

Beautiful girl been with SSF for several years!! She first came over in flip flops and outfits asking if she could do some videos for us. She loves to talk and flex her size 8.5 long feet and toes for you to enjoy! Ill get more pics of her when she comes again very soon!
Scheduled Custom Dates: 27 Apr 2024

Really cool exotic part Asian lady who loves to come over and show you how much she can spread her toes and point her feet in your face. Candice has been working with us now on and off for over 10 years! She is one of the Best!
Scheduled Custom Dates: 19 Apr 2024

Finally had her come over. We shot some pics and videos today. She's Makena's sister and she sounds almost like Makena!! Wonderful long legs, breasts, face and feet!! Very outgoing and loves to have fun and shop. I see her wearing all the time flips flops and sandals. She smokes cigarettes. Her Narrow size 7-8 feet are nice and sweaty for all you fans!!
Scheduled Custom Dates: 18 Apr 2024

Sexy Mother and Grandmother who loves to have fun and enjoys peoples hot foot fantasies. Darla has Size 7 feet and has two Daughters here on the sites!!
Scheduled Custom Dates: 18 Apr 2024

Bubbly Kassi came over to do videos and pics. She has big feet for her body type. 8.5 thick feet, she smokes and loves going barefoot. Has a Hippie style reminds me of Lenore and Addy put in one. She is a pleasure to work with. A great addition to the sites!
Scheduled Custom Dates: 17 Apr 2024

Marissa a hot Mom who loves guys to drool over her pretty petite size 7 sweaty mature soles! "Please tell me what they want to do with my feet!" Smokes.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

A natural foot goddess. She can point, flex and spread her size 9's. Sexy cute with a Southern accent to boot. She smokes for smoking fans.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

A lady who came to show off her pretty size 10.5 feet with long toes. Cinamon would love to have her beautiful long toes sucked and licked by any person who wants it! She can talk and act good as we see from her video. Cinamon is 5'8" and smokes.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Layla Loves to tease with her bubbly personality. She enjoyed having her size 8 feet and long legs the center of attention. I gave her a few custom video skits and she performed them flawlessly. She speaks very well and I can't wait to see her in videos with other models. She Smokes and will gladly give you or other girls her sweaty toes to suck on!!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Long legged country girl who can point and flex her Southern her size 8's in your face. Riley loves to walk barefoot and wear flipflops all through the Summer months! Smokes good and can talk and tease!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Pretty Mature lady. Kristen contacted us wanting to work part time on weekends. She is 39 with size 7.5 wrinkly soles! She smokes but loves to hike and camp and exercise. She raises Chickens and loves to farm!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Energetic, Fun and playful loves to come over and do videos for the site. She'll do all sorts videos for you give her a shot ! She is18. Has size 8 Archy, lively, thick feet. She smokes.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Pretty young Mother who works on her size 7 feet all day long wanting to show them off and give them attention. She told us "Why not let others enjoy her pretty feet and toes! She smokes and is 28 years old.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Krystal came by wanting to make some quick money and said I'll show my sweaty feet if it helps? She said" I am 19 and I need to make some money and will do what you want with my feet!" She smokes and loves going barefoot! Size 7-8 shoe size feet!!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Grayson and her Friend MiIissa came to the front door of the studio to so some foot vids so we hired both! Grayson has size 10 feet she smokes and loves to go barefoot she is 5'10
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Pretty 18 yr old. Size 7 feet, 65 inches tall. Enjoys the outdoors, she smokes occasionally. Works as a waitress and on her feet all day!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Beautiful young woman (25) who hit me up wanting to put her size 9 feet on the sites. She came over with sweaty slip-ons and posed her nice soles and toes for the camera. She smokes and loves to talk and tease. You can let her tease show you by clicking her thumbnail and ordering her up!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

HI I'm Molli. I am 30 yrs old, I do Nursing and on my days off I like to go shopping and spend time with my friends, Tan and get massages. I have size 10 feet and I'm 5'8 tall
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Kookie been with us for over 10 years. She's a sexy crazy Milf with her size 10 feet.! Will do nudity.. Loves to tease her footmen with her feet and body and smokes. We added new pics of her 2023
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Hot Sexy Brazilian girl who lives in Brazil and wanted to be part of the SSF crew. She's 19, has size 8 wide feet, loves to wear sandals all day in the warm hot ecuadorian weather. She needs her feet moist from any man's Tongue. (She does quality HD vids I have to have her and Partner film).
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set