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I Have A Big Fantasy With My Teachers Feet!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 2233.07 MB     Format: MP4
Candice has just left the gym and is so excited to come home, she sits down on the couch. Unaware that her student has shrunk himself and he almost got sat on! She starts talking to herself about wishing that someone was here to massage her tired feet! She puts her sneakers up on the table and suddenly she places her hand on him. She then picks him up to get a closer look on what she just touched! She looks even harder and realizes its her student one of her favorite students!! She is shocked because he is very tiny like a toy little man! She gets curious on why he is at her house! She thinks its because he has a thing for her feet she has caught him several times staring at them! She tells him she defiantly has a treat for him, slowly taking off her sneakers! Showing her giant socked feet in his face! She then lets him worship her feet any way he wants! Plus it will be extra credit for him, Candice picks him up after some worship and see's his throbbing cock! She don't want him to cum just yet as she places him inside her sneakers as she has a snack, and gives him a countdown to cum in them! MP4-VR 360
$ 13.50